Castle Combe

The circuit boasts modern facilities for competitors and spectators, and the resurfaced and reshaped circuit generates what is generally recognised as the closest circuit racing in British motorsport.

Please note :

We will take a maximum of 36 Cars on each day and the day will run in 20 minute sessions to avoid Queueing in the pit lane. ( see below )

Semi Open Pit Lane

The track will operate in 20 minute sessions but drivers are NOT allocated/tied to any specific session. Join the queue for any session and go out in as many sessions as you like!

This format gives great flexibility over your track time.

We will also switch to a ‘Full Open-Pit Lane’ format at any time where track activity dictates.

Please feel free to call the office 01954 202 588 if you have any questions as I know it is “out of the norm” for us to session our days.

At 1.85 Miles long this circuit is almost twice the size of Brands hatch Indy and with only 12 cars running at a time it is a good way of offering superb track time, and personally I feel with just 12 cars over 1.85 miles it will be fantastic.

Times for Castle Combe Day Events:
07:30am Sign on starts
08.40am Briefing
09:00am Sighting laps
12:00pm till 13:00pm Lunch
17:00pm Track time ends

Static Noise: 100 Db @ 4500 rpm

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