Goodwood Motor Circuit

Unfortunately in 2018 Opentrack will not be attending Goodwood Circuit.
We have been using Goodwood for many years however due to a Price increase
for rental of the Circuit of between 48% and 52% on last year’s price I feel that it is no longer offering good value for money to track drivers.
So with that in mind I have decided to not use Goodwood for 2018.
It is still available through several other companies however a day there now costs in the region of £450 for a February day and £400 for a day in November.
Which to my mind makes very little sense, and I have always thought that If I would not pay it I would not ask others to do so.
So as stated for 2018 we will not be attending this circuit, I am sorry to the drivers who enjoyed the circuit. However I will not ask anyone to pay £400 for a sessioned day.

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