Le Mans Bugatti Circuit

Le Mans Bugatti Circuit

Noise Limit

Static N.A.
Drive By 100Db

This circuit should need no introduction to anybody with any passion for Motorsport in the blood.

The Circuit we use is a 4km section of the World Famous Le Mans 24 race, we operate on what is known as the ‘Bugatti Circuit”.

This Includes several sections of track that are on the Circuit des 24 Heures including the Ford Chicane at the end of the lap, the pit complex, and the straight where the Dunlop Tyres bridge is located.

At this point in the overlapping section of the tracks there is a left-right sweep that was added for motorcycle safety in 2002. Vehicles turning to the left continue onto the Circuit des 24 Heures, toward Tertre Rouge and Mulsanne, vehicles turning to the right will continue the Bugatti Circuit.

We have booked a Tuesday for this track allowing people time to travel to this circuit and spend some time in the local area “soaking up the atmosphere” of what is a truly historic circuit.

We are at the moment arranging a guided tour of the Circuit museum for drivers and this will be included in the cost of the event. This will take place on the Monday afternoon before the track day.

Please note:
Due to French track day rules cars under 800kg will not be permitted on this day
along with cars weighing over 1800Kg.

This will allow us to operate in an Open pit lane format which is very rare at this circuit.

We will only be taking 60 cars to le Mans

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