Mallory Park

Unfortunately in 2018 we will not be visiting Mallory Park again.

In January we help a fantastic day which kicked of the start of our year.
However since that date we have been informed by the circuit that track day drivers may be charged for any damage to the following and at the following fee.

Safeguard Safety Barrier – Cover Only £180 + VAT
Safeguard Safety Barrier – Cover + Foam £450 + VAT
ARMCO £495 + VAT per section ( 3 x 3.2m)
Tyre Wall £100 + VAT per stack
Churned-up/Torn Grass £ 40 + VAT for each area
Marshal Post/Circuit Buildings £ P.O.A.

I would not sign contracts while this was going to be implemented by Real Motorsport Limited the owners of the Circuit.
As far as I know there is only one Circuit in the world that charges drivers for damage and that is the Nurburgring.
As we have not signed contracts for further dates Real Motorsport have withdrawn the offer of dates.
Please note that this action only affects Mallory Park

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